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Frequently Asked Questions

Even though on Alibaba you have quick access to many suppliers it is very time consuming to go through all of them and identify the best quality product at the most affordable price. Furthermore, companies registered on English B2B platforms have much higher overhead costs. FR International will help you not only to save time and energy by selecting only the best suppliers for you but also helps you to significantly reduce your costs by enabling the access to local manufactures.

FR International helps others to find and sources products and supplies at a low cost and/or of a certain quality or attributes. We sourcing company helps you to avoid poor quality products, unfavorable terms and condition by factories, language problems, procurements and all, legal problems, unneceessary expensess and so on.

Many of our clients started with their own searches, and some have actually consummated transactions only to get burned. We're here to help throughout the process, from locating and vetting appropriate suppliers to providing "feet on the ground" and in-person confirmation of resources and capabilities. No matter what you're looking for, our goal is to help ensure that you actually get what you want.

Can you help me order from Alibaba.com ?

Yes, we can assist you at any stage of the process. However we do not take responsibility for the supplier that you chose and its’ product quality. We will help you with goods consolidations, logistics, warehousing and QC if required additionally.

It depends upon your requirement.

Suppliers in the B2B platforms may be factories, trading companies, second or even third part middlemen. There are hundreds of price for the same product and it is very hard to judge the company or the product just by checking their website.

Actually, those clients who have purchased from China before may know, there is no lowest but lower price in China. Without taking quality and service into consideration, we can always find a lower price while searching. However, based upon our previous experience in sourcing for our clients, they focus on good cost performance rather than lowest price.

We will collect all your goods from different suppliers and we will arrange transportation and warehousing from our company in Guangzhou. If requested we can also provide door-to-door service. We also assist with customs clearance in your country.

It doesnot matter whether you order products for commercial or personal use, we care about your demands. Please send us an email and we will manage to deliver the goods to your country.

Yes, we have a constantly-growing list of sources with in-house prototyping and final assembly capabilities. We also have access to rapid prototyping facilities with the latest CAD/CAM, CNC and 3-D replication and 3-D printing technologies. For particularly complex projects, we can also provide referrals.

  1. We offer one-stop solution for sourcing all your goods from China
  2. Source and identify products you need and send quotation
  3. Place orders and follow up production process and schedule
  4. Check quality when goods are finished
  5. Reporting, sampling and confirmation
  6. Handle packaging, warehouse when needed and all exporting procedures
  7. Legal expertise, auditing and counceling
  8. Arrange factory visit and other assistant
  9. Be like a partner in china
  10. Solve all your problem in china

  1. We search the right factories or big wholesalers depending on your requirement and quantity.
  2. If your quantity can reach factories’ MOQ, we surely choose factories as priority.
  3. If your quantity is less than factories’ MOQ, we will negotiate with factories to accept your quantity.
  4. If factories can’t reduce, we will contact with some big wholesalers who offer good price and quantity.
  5. Finally, we ask quotation and samples for checking. Samples can be delivered to your request (sample fee and express charge is paid by your side)

We offer sea shipping which could be suitable for full container or less than one container load. Air cargo is also available (good choice for valuable but small volume products). For the sea shipping we have below 3 terms:

  1. EXW (Ex Works) Your forwarder need to pick up cargoes in our warehouse and arrange delivery to your assigned place.
  2. FOB (Free on Board) you need to pay FOB shipping fee, which covers all cost to forward and load cargoes on board.
  3. CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight) you pay for CIF shipping fee, which covers all cost to forward the port of your destination.
*For Nepal shipment is also done by Land (FCL/LCL)

It depends.

If the factories have enough stocks, we can accept your quantity; Otherwise, factories would ask MOQ for new production. Sometimes we can also add the orders to factories’ big clients’, they can arrange producing together. In this situation, small quantity is acceptable.


After your purchase, if you worry that the supplier can’t do as you require, we can be your assistant to push production, check quality, arrange loading, export, customs clearence and after-sales service. The service fee is negotiable.

Some customers may face an embarrassing question that the delivery charge is higher than the value of goods. How can you do? Here we offer two suggestions.

  • 1. Purchasing higher quantity instead of small quantity (if its not for sample). Since our company help source many kinds of goods, you can ask your friends or others to share the delivery charge if they have plan to buy things from China. Simply bigger the quantity lower the price.
  • 2. If the quantity is small and you really can’t find someone to share charge with you, we suggest you to buy in your domestic market. After all, the domestic price may be less than what you pay for buying from China because the retailers import big quantity one time.

We are a general sourcing company and can search for suppliers and manufacturers of almost anything. If a product can be produced, we can find a source for it.

Our sourcing service is totally free, and you don’t pay a cent for our services until you place your first order. We will try our best to source more suppliers for our customers, and quote the best price. Customers only need to pay us certain service fee in the balance payment. The service fee depends on the total order amount, which is 5%-10% of the total product value.

There are two different situations for service fee:

  • 1. For client buying products from his own supplier and he communicates with supplier for all production process, we only help check quality and arrange shipping. If there’s quality issue, we will help client negotiate with supplier. In this case, we charge 5% fee.
  • 2. We help client communicate with supplier for the whole process, like making samples or producing. In this way, we charge 5%-10% service fee based on product value, regardless of the supplier is found by client himself or us. We also help check quality and arrange shipping.
Although client pays a little bit more service fee in the second service, we can help client save lots of time in communicating with suppliers. If there are qualities issues happen, we help you negotiate with the supplier on behalf of you until the problems are fixed.

Our service includes: find suppliers and sourcing products from China, and quote to customers the best prices; negotiate with suppliers for samples, production and packaging; customize logo and packaging; quality control; arrange shipping to FBA .(maybe consolidate goods with other customers to the same destination so that shipping fee will be saved). Samples checking are free. We will ask for samples from suppliers once customers are satisfied with the quotation. Then, we send them to customers for quality checking, and customers decide whether to purchase it in bulk.

We will try our best to source several different suppliers for 1 item, and select the best 1-2 of them, then send the quotation to customers.

Normally we don’t offer our supplier’s information to customers, as our working pattern is that customers working with us, and we work with our suppliers.

But the main reason is that most of our suppliers don’t directly work with foreign customers as they don’t have English-speaking staff. Our 5%-10% service fee is not only charged to source suppliers, but also for, the most important part, negotiating with suppliers efficiently to save time and money for customers.

  • 1. Identify Goods/Services
  • 2. Explore and select Venders(s)
  • 3. Submit Purchase Requistion
  • 4. Create Purchase Order
  • 5. Receive order
  • 6. Pay for Goods/Services
  • 7. Record for audit

Once the order is placed then the payment can can be done in three installment;

  • First 30% advance for the production process
  • Then 70% payment after the order is complete
  • Finally Payment for the logistics